Namsskogan Family Park

Would you like to wake up in the middle of predators in the Namsskogan Family Park? Now you have the opportunity!

Now you can book a stay in one of our 5 lavvus that are located right by the bears and wolverines. While sleeping on reindeer skins you may be lucky enough to wake up to wolves wailing or the bears wandering outside….


Practical information:

  • The restrooms are short walk away from the lavvus.

  • This suits everyone; families, groups, classes and organizations. Up to 5 people in each lavo.

  • Food: If you want to cook yourself, then you will be given wood and equipment to start a fire. Otherwise, breakfast can be arranged if desired during the summer season. A bonfire and cooking in the big lavvu is recommended!

  • Bring your camera, you'll get great and unique opportunities to take pictures of the animals.

  • Tronestjønna river has fine trout, where kilo fish is not uncommon. Bring fishing equipment if you want to try your fishing luck.

  • Canoeing during the summer time.

  • Possibility to rent a sleeping bag.

Note: The lavvu life can be a little wet and a bit hard

Price NOK 1450, - during the low season and NOK 1550, - during the high season. In addition, you have to buy 2 day passes to the park.

Booking for the “predator camp”

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