Børgefjell National Park

Børgefjell / Byrkije National Park can be found in the municipalities of Namsskogan, Røyrvik, Grane and Hattfjelldal, and it lies on the border between Trøndelag and Nordland counties. The national park has an area of 1447 sqm. In other words, if you are going to Børgefjell, you may want to spend a few days so that you get the most out of the national park.

Børgefjell / Byrkije National Park was established in 1963 and is one of Norway's oldest national parks. The national park is largely a high-lying area with varying landscapes, which offers many powerful sensory impressions. In the western part of the Børgefjell there are high peaks and deep valley gorges with glaciers and mountain lakes. Børgefjell's highest peak is called Kvigtind, and is 1699 masl. In the south there are several wild rapids and beautiful waterfalls, while the eastern parts are characterized by wide valleys. Børgefjell offers many opportunities if you are interested in hunting and trout fishing.

How to get to Børgefjell national park

If you come by train, you can get off at Namsskogan, Majavatn or Trofors. From Namsskogan you can book a shuttle to Smalåsen or Namsvatnet, while from Majavatn you can walk or take a taxi to Simskardet or Tomasvatnet.

By car you have more possibilities. If you want to enter from the south, take the E6 at Brekkvasselv and drive over to Røyrvik (Namsvatnet, boat shuttles must be ordered). If you want to go in from the west, Smalåsen or Majavatn are the most natural choices, while from the north you go to Susendal (Øyum / Oksvollen / Sjånes). From the east it is a nice opportunity to drive Stekenjokkveien on the Swedish side.

Smalåsen one of the gateways to Børgefjell National Park, can be found in Namsskogan. Smalåsen is located a quarter drive north of Namsskogan town center, and with only one and a half kilometers to the national park itself, the entrance gate at the end of Smalvassveien is an excellent starting point for great experiences in Børgefjell. At the entrance gate at Smalvatnet there is a large parking space, a separate changing room, outdoor restroom area and bonfire with wood.

Map over Børgefjell National Park:


Namsskogan Fjellstyre - Cabin in Børgefjell

Namsskogan Fjellstyre is one of the few that offer cabin rentals in Børgefjell National Park. Namskrokhytta and Skogstua can be found by Namskroken, in the south-western part of the national park. The cabins are located 50 meters apart in forest landscape surrounded by high mountains. Skogstua is open except in during the small game hunting season. It’s a 4 km distance from the entrance gate at Smalvatnet to Namskroken where the cabins are located.

Fishing in Børgefjell national park

Fishing in Børgefjell requires that you have purchased Børgefjellkortet (Børgefjellcard), which is valid in all lakes, ponds and rivers in Børgefjell National Park and Austre Tiplingen Landscaping Area. Børgefjell is widely known for the good quality trout, but if you are looking for the greatest fishing experiences, you might want to spend some time going into areas where most people do not.