Trout fishing in Namsskogan

In Namsskogan you will find great opportunities for fishing. There are two providers of trout fishing in the area: Namsskogankortet (Namsskogan card) and Nessan Gård (Nessan Farm).

The Namsskogan card - One fishing license - huge fishing opportunities!

In Namsskogan, fish is easily accessible for the whole family and children can come along on a fishing experience they will always remember.

In Namsskogan, fish is easily accessible for the whole family and children can come along on a fishing experience they will always remember.

The Namsskogan card - one fishing license that gives access to 800 water and 35 rivers - it couldn't be easier! The Namsen river is recognized as one of the country's best rivers for trout fishing.

The river runs throughout the municipality and is easily accessible. In addition, Namsskogan has about 800 fishing lakes and 35 rivers, many of them with both trout and char of particularly good quality.

The trout is the predominant fish species, and there are areas where you can fish trout of very good quality. In some areas there are also stocks of char.

The Namsskogancard can be bought at

Namsskogans is close to Børgefjell, which is known for good trout fishing. Børgefjellkortet, which is valid within the entire Børgefjell National Park as well as Austre Tiplingen Landscape Protection Area, is available at

 Fishing at Nessan Farm

Nessan is a mountain farm west of Namsskogan. The farm offers its own fishing license, preferably in connection with renting a cabin. Two of the cabins are adjacent to the mountain lake with extremely fine trout. Pederstu is adjacent to the farm and provides an excellent starting point for fishing in the river. All cabins can be rented both summer and winter.

Price from NOK 650 per day.

Fishing card prices 2019:

*Family card - one or two parents with one or more children under the age of twenty.

Day card:
Main card: 125 kr
Family card: 200 kr

Weekly card:
Main card: 650 kr
Family card: 750 kr

Contact information for cabin rental and fishing cards:

Mona and Kjell Asgeir Trones
Tel: (+47) 74 33 41 72


 Namsskogan card recommends

Namsen River - One of Norways best trout rivers

In the quiet and broad parts of the river, it is exciting to try fly and nymph fishing. In the parts of the river where there is a stronger current, worm and sinker fishing can be especially efficient.

The Namsen river is easily accessible as it runs parallel to the E6 through large parts of the municipality. If we are to come up with some specific tips, the area a few kilometers south of Brekkvasselv can be worth a try, as is the Fossan area south of Namsskogan town center. Thresholds have been built at Kjelmyrfoss and just north of Namsskogan town center. In the stream below the thresholds there are often fish.

Tunnsjøelva (tunnsjø river)

Tunnsjøelva is located in the south of the municipality. Here there is a river stretch of 20 km. The trout in Tunnsjøelva is of very good quality, especially in the lower part. On the stretch from the power plant outlet and down to the Namsen river there are many nice fishing spots, and some are arranged with bonfires and shelters. The area is inviting with many nice tent sites just off the river bank.


There is only trout to be found in Mellingsvatnet and it is known to be of very good quality. The water is 7 square kilometers and is varies in depth. There are many fine islets scattered throughout the lake, here it is nice to go ashore for a break. Boats can be rented separately. If you live in a mountain cabin, you will have access to a boat. Yarn fishing takes place only for a regulated period and with a limited number of yarns. At Mellingsvatnet it is also nice to go ice fishing.

Storgåsvatnet and Litlgåsvatnet

Litlgåsvatnet and Storgåsvatnet lie on a high mountain plateau in an area with inviting nature. There are many small and large fishing waters in the immediate vicinity. Only trout in Storgåsvatnet. Litlgåsvatnet has a very dense stock of char and the occasional nice trout along with the char. Ice fishing at Litlgåsvatnet is recommended together with children - here you are almost guaranteed a good catch!


The rocky mountain area is a wide mountain area with fishing waters in all directions. There are small and large areas of water with fish of all sizes. Mostly trout, but some ponds also have char. Namsskogan Fjellstyre has a cabin at Finntjønn. It is an excellent starting point for fishing in the northern part of Steinfjellet.

Skorovasfjella and Nessåvatna

Nessåvatna consists of 3 large waters with Midtivatnet as the "diamond" itself. Here you can catch both trout and char that weigh several kilos. There are marked hiking trails in from Skorovas and this makes the area easily accessible. The round trip from Skorovas via Nessåvatna and further out to Grøndalen is recommended along with your fishing rod.