Hiking in the forest and mountains

Børgefjell National Park

Get close to nature in Namsskogan. Our largest nature reserve is located in Børgefjell National Park. Here there are 4 km well-marked paths from the parking lot at Smalvatnet to the national park border and all the way to Namskroken. From Namskroken and further into the national park you have to find the path by yourself. Børgefjell is an area that is known to be characterized as a wilderness and you can therefore get close to the beautiful nature. The large landscape formations, however, make it easy to find good paths, but the distances are great so it requires hiking equipment and provisions if one wishes to travel further inland in the national park.


Starting from Skorovas you can walk along marked paths south to Nesåvatna and further south to Sandøladalen in Grong. The Norwegian Tourist Association is responsible for the trail network in the area and they also arrange common trips. For good maps see www.ut.no


In the northwestern part of the municipality there are also many good trails. The landscape is easy to orientate and we recommend the trip from Fløan by Mellingsvatnet, from there you can walk via Steinvatnet and up to Litlgåsvatnet (4 km) and Storgåsvatnet (5 km). This is a nice ski trip during the winter. There are two cabins for rent by the lake, Litlgåsvassbua and Storgåsvassbua.

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