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Gamle Steinfjellvei (Old Stone Mountain Road)

Gamle Steinfjellvei (Old Stone Mountain Road) is an old road that runs between Namsskogan and Røyrvik municipality in Trøndelag. The construction of the road started in the summer of 1912, and in the spring of 2013 there were a total of 300 men who worked on the road, in addition there were about 200 horses who participated in the work.

Today, the road is used by both residents and tourists, and provides a great starting point for trips into up mountains.

At the top of the mountain you can take the hike south along the old historic "Prestvegen" which went between Trones and Røyrvik.

If, on the other hand, you go north-east of the road and come just inside the municipal boundary to Røyrvik, you can see the large "Prekstolsteinen" which is an old Sami cultural heritage.


At the Millavass dam, there is a fantastic picnic area. The Millavass dam shows how a real dam built out of wood looks like. The area is equipped with parking, restrooms and shelters. There is a lot of information about the timber history in Namsskogan and Indre Namdal.

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