Biking in Namsskogan

Below you will find six cycling routes in Namsskogan. The routes are from 3 to 30 km and are suited for people of all ages and physical shape.

1. Steinfjellveien

Experience an old road that went between the municipalities of Namsskogan and Røyrvik. The road was opened in 1912. A cultural-historical memory that is worth experiencing. It’s a good climb up to the top of the mountain. The entire route is about 3 - 3.5 km.

You can possibly combine this trip with one of the bike trails in Røyrvik.


At the top of the mountain you can take a hike south along the old historic "Prestvegen" which went between Trones and Røyrvik. If, on the other hand, you go north-east of the cycling route and come just inside the municipal boundary to Røyrvik, you can see the large "Prekstolsteinen" which is an ancient Sami cultural heritage.

2. Trones - Sønningsvatnet - Trones

This route is suitable for everyone and is a great family route for the younger ones as well. We recommend starting from Namsskogan Family Park. The route goes on a fixed and nice forest road to Sønningsvatnet (about 5 km from the park), where you will find a gorge. Take a nice to break and go for a swim. If you choose to continue further you have to expect to roll the bike a few hundred meters before you hit the forest road on the other side of the Kjelmofjellet.


On this trip you can take the forest road that goes all the way to Tunnsjøflyan. During the trip you will pass a fantastic swimming area in Tunnsjøelva. The same road must be cycled back when returning. In Tunnsjødalen you also cycle past an old cottage / house the "Admiral House" which was built in the late 1800s.

3. Trones - Namsskogan

A route that may be suitable for the more experienced riders. Recommended starting point is at Namsskogan Family Park. On this trip you will experience both gravel road, paved road and marshy terrain. You have to carry / roll the bike over a small stretch between Kvilåsen and Brekka. A great bike ride for anyone who chooses this route. This cycling route can be combined with a detour so that you can get on the route that goes over Steinfjellet and the old Steinfjell road.

4. Åbjøraveien

Here you will get the opportunity to cycle through the old road that was built in the 1970s in connection with the construction of power production in the Kalvvatna area. Park your car by the boom barrier and can then ride as far as you want along a great forest road. It is also possible to rent cabins which are located along the road. On this trip you can cycle to Nordland County.

5. Trones - Brekkvasselv

A route that is a bit hilly, but a great cycling route that can also connect with the other routes that comes from Trones towards Namsskogan. This cycling route will go on the west side of Namsen. You have to expect to carry the bike a short distance along the trail. On this cycling route you can combine cycling with fishing in the Namsen river.


On this trip you can also cycle west along the road that goes inland to Strompedalen. Along this road you can again take several detours to different valleys such as the Gåsvassdalen and Ausvassråa. Here you will find Millavassdammen.

6. Namsskogan - Bjørhusdalen - Namsskogan

A popular cycling route that runs from the center of Namsskogan and passed the magnificent Sandåmo waterfall trail and towards Bjørhusdalen. Here you cycle back towards Namsskogan center and arrive at the foot of “Håpnesklumpen” along a beautiful forest road towards Namsskogan center. You will have to carry the bike a short distance over a stream and some marshy terrain.


Along this road you can take a detour towards a large fresh creek called Frøyningen.


On this trip you can already see a nice waterfall called Sandåmofossan from the center of Namsskogan. There are shelters along the path that are free to use for everyone. The path along the Sandåmofossan is also adapted for the disabled. Otherwise, we recommend that you take the trip to Holmencenter which can show you many exciting things as for example the old "Nyrudstua" that is inside the center. River passage is not possible when there is high water flow. Passage must be at your own risk.

Have a great trip!

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