Namsskogan Family Park

Good memories and moments occur when animals and people interact, and Namsskogan Family Park make it possible for these interactions to happen!

The park is a universe of different animals, activities and experiences, and the park has 45-50,000 visits each year. At Namsskogan Family Park you will find Norway's largest collection of Nordic animals. The Children's zoo is popular for the smallest, and a place where the children can get in close contact with several well-known and beloved animals.

The older children find challenges in the rock climbing park, Tøffingtårnet and the alpine racer. At Namsskogan Family Park you will find interesting and exciting experiences for the whole family.

The family park can be found at Trones just off the E6. See the park from the E6 here.

On Trones there are different options for accommodation, at hotels or in camping cabins. Read more here.

Do you want a nature experience that is a bit out of the ordinary?
Book a trip to our predator camp! Here you can sleep on reindeer skin in our mud hut which is located close to bears, wolves and wolverines. Exotic and special and open all year round!

Read more on Namsskogan Family Park's own websites here!

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